Keeping Profits Hot

Catering HQ provide quality ice cream, milkshake, juice and coffee machines for supermarkets, hotels and food and drink outlets. Over the past nine years, business owner Gene Curry has built a nationwide reputation as one of the leading companies in this sector. With a focus on delivering high profit margins to each client, adding a machine from can help to satisfy customer needs and boost your profits considerably. Gene has used Convertibill® services to help finance the growth of his business into the market leader it is today

Keeping Customers Cool And Profits Hot

As a business owner, you aim to continually grow profits while keeping your customers happy. Catering HQ specialise in boosting profit margins and customer satisfaction for clients, every business owners dream. Their wide range of machinery and food service solutions cater to a diverse customer base. The addition of a machine from Catering HQ can add a fresh aspect to your business or add value to the service you already provide. From speaking with owner Gene Curry, you can see he takes great pride in the range and service that he provides through Catering HQ and “We offer service on all of this equipment to ensure the businesses that we supply can continue to operate at peak levels, ensuring them maximum profit. When we deliver and supply these machines, we also offer full staff training on premises on the use of these machines”.

Gene has years of experience in the industry, and started his business after he identified a gap in the market that the competitors were not exploiting. The rest is history, and today Gene and his team are leading the way in delivering quality machines and increased profit margins to outlets. “We have been trading since 2011 and the reason for starting the company was seeing a brand of ice cream combi machines that none of the opposition had perfected named “Nissei”. They had approached me through my vast experience in this field and asked if I would be interested in looking after the agency. With the Nissei agency, our business has grown in the fast food, hotel, restaurant and major supermarket franchises”. Aside from supplying machines, Gene and his team can also offer invaluable advice on developing new ideas or refreshing existing concepts in your outlet. Convertibill®’s role is to finance a business’ potential so that business owners like Gene can focus on running and growing his company.
Keeping Profits Hot Trade Credebt

Shake Up Your Business

A closer look across some of the many machines on offer would have business owners licking their lips. Affordable payment plans coupled with detailed profit margins shows clearly the value a machine from Catering HQ can add.

The Nissei NA3348 is the perfect combi soft-serve and thick milkshake machine for locations with high-volume sales and high demand for ice cream and thick milkshakes. This foot-operated machine has two separate taps for ease of use. If you select the optional Twister paddle, you can amaze your customers with nearly endless variations on soft-serve ice cream with nuts, toppings and even fresh fruit. Nissei soft serve machines are known for their high capacity, compact size, quiet operation, low maintenance costs, long lifespan and ease of use. What is most impressive about these machines however, is the profit margin they deliver on each serving. Each ice cream cone produced comes in at an average cost of approximately EUR 0.35. With a recommended sale price of EUR 2.20, that leaves profit on each cone as approximately EUR 1.65. Picture a busy seaside town during the summer months, you don’t need a vivid imagination to see the benefit such a machine will bring.

Futurmat F2 – Ottima – This highly efficient machine can produce cappuccino, latte, espresso, americano, cafe mocha, drinking chocolate, tea and soups. Easily transportable and punching far above its weight in terms of quality, the Futurmat F2 – Ottima is an extremely popular option. Available to lease for EUR 37.00 per week (including grinder, knocking box and 20kg of coffee product), this stylish addition is guaranteed to pay for itself and more. The machines are manufactured in Barcelona, Spain by Quality Espresso S.A. who have more than 50 years design and manufacturing experience. Brands manufactured by Quality Espresso are the benchmarks used by food service professionals when considering commercial espresso and cappuccino coffee machines.

The Merlin Master Supreme milkshake machine has an output of 200 x 330 ml portions per hour. At full capacity, this machine will generate an impressive profit of approximately EUR 390.00 per hour. Available to lease from EUR 295.00 per month, the value in this machine for busy fast food outlets is clear to see. This machine serves thick, delicious milkshakes and is also capable of producing Huzzle, which is a new concept that will allow your business to compete with the larger chain takeaways.

The Zummo Z40 Nature is the perfect juicer to attend to the needs of mass catering and large surfaces. Its capacity to extract large amounts of juice in a short period of time makes it ideal for busy supermarkets, hotels or restaurants. With changing habits and a move towards more healthy alternatives, this machine is sure to be an extremely popular fixture in any outlet. Completely natural product and self-service ability allows customers to take control of their own product.

With an extensive range of machines available, Gene Curry is sure to have the right option for your business’ needs. Your customers will thank you and your profit margins will rise with the addition of one of these superb machines.

Becoming A Market Leader

Like any business owner, Gene has faced a number of challenges in growing his business to the level it is today. Speaking about some barriers he has faced, he named a difficulty in finding the right finance partner willing to understand his business plan. “One of the barriers of growth was the finance houses taking an understanding to our business and fully conceptualising what we were trying to achieve. This can slow down the process of turning a lead into a piece of equipment that is sold and delivered to the end customer”.

Many lenders will not take the time to listen, but Convertibill® are different. We can do everything a bank does, but differently, and we will trade where a bank won’t lend. In Convertibill®, Gene found the perfect finance partner to achieve the lofty goals he set. “Convertibill has an understanding of our business. We had a meeting with the Senior Administrator of Convertibill in Dublin, he understood the business and could see the potential of us working together”. Our Credebt® facilities often prove the ideal solution to our customers trade.

Ambitious entrepreneurs like Gene are a perfect fit for the Convertibill® model. It is clear from speaking with Gene that he has big goals for the coming year, and in Convertibill® he has a finance partner that will back him every step of the way. “We plan to increase the sales of milkshake machines and combi machines to fast food outlets and expand to the hot food business specialising in chicken rotisseries, pressure cookers as well as hot food and refrigeration counters to the supermarkets and delicatessens”.

Finding The Right Partner

Convertibill® can help your business to grow, where often banks and other lenders will not. We will work with you to form a flexible repayment plan to suit your needs. Our function is to facilitate growth and to provide the support you need to achieve your goals, no matter what they are. To start a conversation with a member of our dedicated team, click here. Our team will walk you through the process, and provide straightforward solutions to your trade.

We are proud to work with ambitious Irish entrepreneurs such as Gene Curry. If you have a winning idea, or simply need help to take your business to the next level, start a commitment free conversation with us today. Let’s grow together.

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